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Taking a step back with Kyle Pillar

Kyle Pillar (left) prior to a Richmond Raider baseball game in April 2022. (Photo courtesy of Cindy Bostick)

In 2016, when Kyle Pillar first moved to Richmond County, he never saw himself staying. But over the last eight years he has slowly found a home here.

We know him as a busy man who always aims to provide the best coverage on our county’s sports, someone who does not get enough credit. There are so many different sports that regularly overlap for him to cover and he never misses a beat. So, let’s take a step back and listen to his story for once. 

Pillar was born and raised in Pennsylvania. High school is where he found his love to write. He thanks Kristen Mowery and Jessica Prosser for recognizing his talent and being both motivators and inspirers. They both provided many perspectives which helped shape his career. His family was also incredibly supportive and recognized his talent. Pillar said “all of the right people had my back.” 

Even though Pillar discovered his passion for writing during his junior year of high school, he never decided on what to major in for college until April 28 of his senior year, just six weeks out from graduation. He eventually chose to major in communications while minoring in journalism at Indianna University of Pennsylvania.

His advice to others struggling to determine their future, specifically those who feel like they are making a wrong choice was that, “It’s okay to be uncertain. Uncertainty provides challenges, challenges provide stronger work ethic and decision making. At the end of the day, go with your gut and do what’s important while making you happy.” 

Most of Pillar’s prior work experience comes from working with tv production and radio in college. He never doubted his plans and knew this path was meant for him. He faced challenges but remarked that every job has its challenges and he could not be happier than where he is right now.

“I love it, it’s a lot of fun,” Pillar said. “Being around the dugouts, or on the sidelines, and talking to student athletes, that’s what it’s about. It’s about forming relationships with families, coaches, and players.”  

Pillar first joined the Richmond Observer in August 2017, and is coming up on six years as the sports editor. He pays his thanks to Kenny Melvin and his family for allowing him this opportunity. Pillar says one aspect of working with the Richmond Observer is that he always tries to get out an accurate story as quickly as possible. He doesn’t wait till the memory dulls, instead seizing the moment to capture everything fresh.


“I don’t like failure, I don’t like to be wrong in a story,” Pillar said. “I don’t like to wait on a story because I like to provide the best sports coverage I can for Richmond County.” 

After working his way up to sports editor, the pressure and balance of it all shifted and he had to learn to adapt. His advice to start learning this stability is to, “start with prioritizing everything and remembering it is a job, but it’s also a passion.”

Pillar channels the pressure into motivation by setting a mindset of enjoyment toward his career. He also gives credit to his wife, Jordyn Pillar, who he says, “has been supportive of this career since it started.” 

When asked what he wanted to convey most in this article, other than his endless thanks to the students, athletes and coaches, Pillar wanted me to tell others how he had found a village here Richmond County. He appreciates how Richmond County continues to come together.

“I’ve learned to slow down and appreciate the Richmond Senior high school athletic community to the extent in knowing we’re all one working team,” Pillar said. He wants to continue to teach this ideal to teenagers and help those around him grow, including himself.  

Thanks to Pillar, we have the chance to see what others thought about our performance, a chance to look back on our time as Raiders. We have our own digital scrapbook to share with loved ones that makes a game more accessible, even if one is not in person for it.

Pillar’s work has continued to be inclusive, understanding and thorough with all his interviews and write-ups. We thank him for his dedication to Richmond County. It has not gone unnoticed. 

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