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Taylor shares his CBD expertise with South Korean physicians

Dr. James Taylor recently met with physicians in South Korea to discuss the medicinal properties of cannabis.
Integrated Hemp Solutions

SOUTHERN PINES — Dr. James Taylor, founder and CEO of Integrated Hemp Solutions, a physician-led company that provides hemp related medical products to the public, visited South Korea for the second time to spread his CBD knowledge with physicians. 

Recreational cannabis use is illegal in South Korea, but in November 2018, the country’s Narcotics Control Act was amended and the use of medical cannabis became legal  making South Korea the first country in East Asia to legalize medical cannabis.

When asked about his visit, Dr. Taylor stated:

“I’ve been invited to South Korea twice to speak about CBD. My first visit was in February of this year, and I used that as an educational visit as well as an opportunity to explore South Korea’s culture and their feelings towards cannabis and CBD in general. During my time there, I spoke at three different universities regarding the benefits associated with CBD and developed many new friendships.


“I was invited back to South Korea in June and continued laying down the foundation of education at two additional university hospitals. South Korea physicians have been very open minded to the idea of cannabinoid medicine. I believe South Korea is a perfect country to study and develop new cannabinoid therapies. Since marijuana has been effectively eliminated from their society, the risk of recreational marijuana clouding the landscape is significantly reduced. This aversion to mind altering drugs in South Korea allows CBD to fit nicely in this progressive society that wants cannabinoid medicine without the high.

“I’m very excited to continue working with my colleagues and new friends in South Korea as they continue to explore and study CBD.”