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UNITYFEST: Breaking the bonds of division

This summer, people from all over will come together with one focus: to unite while enjoying Christian and gospel music.

There will be several well-known performers and a few speakers, as well as a youth rally and a Kid’s Zone.

The event is free and will take place at Union Pines High School in Cameron from 6-10 p.m. June 23 and 2-10 p.m. June 24.

It all began in 2016 when Christy Reid, a hairdresser in Moore County, says she received a vision.

Her father was a minister, and she had always attended his church. But one day in 2015, she says God spoke to her and told her to go somewhere else. Reid said God told her she was depending on her father too much and should be depending on Him more.

So after much prayer and consideration, Reid obeyed. Little did she know God was setting her up to be used in a mighty way.

Not long after she made the move, Reid says she received the vision of Unityfest.

“The joke is that I can’t even organize a birthday party, much less a huge event like this,” Reid said.

According to Reid, God continued to assure her that all she needed to do was to follow His leading — and that she did.

The pastor of the church she was newly attending mentioned that Jason Crabb would be a guest singer there within a few months.

Reid said that God had shown her beforehand in the vision that Crabb would be the one to help her, although she had never met him. The night of the singing, she was able to meet him and mentioned Unityfest, and says he was more than ready to help with the event.

Just as it started coming together, COVID hit and put a halt to everything.

Finally in 2022 — after much prayer and hard work along with the principal’s approval — the inaugural Unityfest took place at the Union Pines football stadium.

“I told God it was really hard working two full-time jobs, but I knew he was taking care of this,” Reid recalled. “I can already see God working together in unity of the churches. God showed me the vision and told me it had to be free for the people. He also said, ‘Be still till I open all the doors,’ and when He said go, I moved.”


So far there are 40 pastors involved, according to Reid.

“It has to be free and set aside from all other festivals; it has to be unity and diversity, as tradition has kept so many people shut up in a box,” she said. “God wants the church to unite.”

Reid said her faith was stretched regarding the cost of the event.

“A month and a half before the event last year, we still needed $70,000. I prayed and fasted for three days; God miraculously came through a week after the fast.

“It’s a not-for-profit event, but it costs to bring in well-known artists (and) singers,” Reid explained. “This year’s cost is around $305,000 with the majority of it covering the artists, stage, lights, sound crew, tent rentals, turf protection for the football field, porta johns, advertising, as well as other expenses.”

Reid also mentioned there would be a youth challenge with a ticket drawing for multiple prizes, including a free year of Chick-fil-A and pictures on stage with an artist/singer.

Some of the artists scheduled to be there are Jason Crabb, Tauren Wells, Charity Gayle, Ashleigh Crabb, 2nd Chance Ministries, Sidewalk Prophets, Hayleigh Smith and Heart to Heart.

There will also be several speakers whose focus will be on promoting unity in families, communities, and the entire body of Christ.

“It’s awesome to see the number of volunteers from multiple churches; it’s the whole purpose of the event, unity,” Reid said. “We’ve got the best general, but the army is only as strong as the unity of the troops.”

To contribute or to learn more about the event and the youth challenge, visit unityfestusa.com.

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