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A “Walk for Jesus” Set for Downtown Rockingham

ROCKINGHAM – A Walk for Jesus is planned for Saturday, October 21, in hopes of bringing local church-goers in a show of unity. 

The event is open to the public and is for people of all denominations and churches. The walk will begin at 9 a.m. in R.W. Goodman’s parking lot in downtown Rockingham, and proceed west down Washington Street, and will end at Harrington Square with a moment of prayer, followed by speakers and music from the group Cedron’s Bridge.

Bill Holland, of Freedom Baptist Church in Rockingham, stated that the walk, which also occurred in 2015, is a visible acknowledgement that, “despite all the stuff going on now in our country, we, as Christians, need to show unity.”

Holland constructed a cross that will be carried in the walk by various participants to signify the bearing of the cross.

“We’ve been putting up flyers and trying to contact people from all over,” Holland said.

He believes that if onlookers were to see hundreds of people walking down the street they may be interested enough to find out why.


“I look at it this way,” Holland continued. “If you plant one little seed and it gets somebody to (start) thinking, it will have been worth it.”

Holland is a member of the Vision 10-10-10 group at Freedom Baptist. On the tenth day of each month, the group prays for 10 minutes, fasts for a meal, and gifts $10 to a fund set aside for mission work. The “Walk for Jesus” is an idea resulting from prayer.

For more information call (205) 303-0066.

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