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Aerial Spooner: Raiders Marching Band Member of the Week

Aerial Spooner is this week's Raiders Marching Band Member of the Week.
Photo courtesy of Cleve Baxley.

ROCKINGHAM – Richmond Raider Marching Band director Mike Ward has chosen Aerial Spooner as the Marching Band Member of the Week.

“No matter the circumstances, Aerial is always happy,” Ward said of his selection. “Every day she comes in with a positive, upbeat attitude. She is always very cooperative and is an overall wonderful student.”

Class: Sophomore

Age: 16

Instrument: Trumpet

Years in Marching Band: 2 years

Other instruments played: Spooner has played the guitar and sings in the choir.

Extracurricular Activities at RSHS: “I am on the quiz bowl team,” Spooner said. “I am also in National Beta Club, and a member of the swimming team. And I am hoping to make the soccer team again this year.”

Favorite Classes at RSHS: “Marching band is definitely my favorite,” Spooner commented. “And then choir; I love anything to do with music.”

Hobbies: Spooner enjoys horseback riding, because her mother is a horse trainer. She also enjoys reading, music and band activities.

College Aspirations: “I don’t know of any particular colleges right now, maybe Appalachian State,” Spooner said. “I’d like to go anywhere that has a good forensic science program.”

Career Goals: “My dream job would be to go into the Air Force and work with the Military Police as a crime scene investigator,” Spooner said. “I have always enjoyed the television show Criminal Minds.


“I know it’s not exactly like that but it just seems really cool,” Spooner added. “I have always enjoyed trying to figure out things.”

Spooner Quote on Mr. Ward: “Mr. Ward is one of the best band directors I have ever seen,” she said. “He is really good at improving tone and breath support. He always knows the right thing to say. He doesn’t say too much, but he still gets his point across.”

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