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Animal Advocates Advance Assistance, Aid and Awareness

Allison Story and “Chonnie,” the official mascot of Richmond County Animal Advocates.

ROCKINGHAM – Allison Story is reluctant to accept credit for her work, preferring to talk about the efforts and dedication of her colleagues associated with the Richmond County Animal Advocates. 

But it is readily apparent that she is indeed a driving force behind the group’s focus upon helping to enhance and improve the health and well-being of animals throughout the county, as well as the surrounding areas.

A former employee of the Richmond County Humane Society, Story learned of the pressing necessity for even more aid to be rendered to the tremendous number of suffering dogs, cats and other animals in need of help. 

In July of 2012, she began her own crusade, establishing a non-profit affiliation with a larger animal protection organization. Realizing the sheer magnitude of what would ultimately be required to be effective, Story recruited her friends and associates into active duty; thus commenced the Animal Advocates of Richmond County.

Noting the huge commitment in time and work, Story is quite appreciative of her associates. 

“We’re a really close-knit group of volunteers,” Story said. “And we are all there for each other, no matter what the situation might be.” 

The most immediate needs that the Advocates foresee would be food and shelter for the rapidly approaching winter season, and, of course, monetary funds for vet bills, as well as miscellaneous costs.

“We can provide actual houses for dogs and cats if we know of the need,” Story stated.  “We may get a call from a concerned citizen or one of us might just see something on our own. The important thing is to make sure that the animals get the help that they need.”


And help can come in many ways. Obviously, foster families for homeless dogs and cats are always welcomed, as are volunteers to assist with food distribution and providing outdoor shelter houses for the animals.  Money donated for veterinarian bills and other costs is always greatly appreciate, too.

The Richmond County Animal Advocates organization is not directly affiliated with the Humane Society or the Animal Shelter, but they all work in unison to ensure that area animals are protected and provided for to the extent feasible.

While state law requires adequate shelter and provisions for pets, many animals remain exposed to the elements or are undernourished.  Story and the Advocates seek to alleviate these problems through various approaches (educating the public as to the need to spay and neuter pets; furthering efforts to find foster homes for abandoned animals; providing food and shelter for pets and strays in need of such).

But they are always hopeful of receiving volunteer assistance or donations towards the cause of helping the animals.  Story also reminds people to visit Petango.com to find animals in need of a loving home.

The Advocates can be contacted via phone at 910-420-3346 or 910-331-6275; or email at RCAA.ShelterMe@GMail.com; or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RichmondCountyAnimalAdvocates.