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Bikers bond together for food drive serving Richmond County’s homeless

Members of several motorcycle and riding clubs gave out food to the Richmond County homeless population Sunday.
Betty Gallo McIntyre

ROCKINGHAM — Bikers from several counties came together Sunday, March 21 to reach the homeless and needy through a community food drive. 

The weather was cooperative for the outreach effort where they had tables set up outside near U.S. 74 Business between La Cabana and the Gulf station. Non-perishable food, canned goods, toiletries, bottled water, and other items were available for anyone in need from 2-4 p.m. 

Six motorcycle and riding clubs helped with the event, which included: Ol Skool Tribe, Playaz Elite, Confederate Misfits, Fly Guys, Steel Wheels, and Ghost Riders. The clubs also get together at Caddy’s restaurant in Rockingham once a month for other community outreach efforts. 

Gary Holt with Ol Skool Tribe said they were approached several years ago by Marty Bundy, who is also a member of the club, about helping the homeless by using food leftover from a drive.

Bundy started Marty’s Mission in Rockingham four years ago, feeding the homeless regularly as well as helping provide coats and blankets. Ol Skool Tribe also has an annual outreach for Marty’s Mission at Thanksgiving.

“We need to help the homeless and the needy; they especially need coats and blankets for winter,” said Bundy. 

William Sturdivant, president of Playaz Elite, said their club also does regular outreach events as well.

“Each year we do a school drive, Toys for Tots, and provide 12 families a full Thanksgiving meal,” Sturdivant said.

“We are glad to be a part of it and grateful to be able to give back by the grace of God,” said Vice President Kelvin Hewett, known as “Scripture.” “Many of us have seen rough times, and we are more than happy to help because we’ve been there.”


Fly Guys’ vice president, Brad Quick stated “We are a community club,,” said Brad Quick, vice president of Fly Guys. “We thrive on family first and helping the less fortunate.” 

Eddie Sellers, president of Confederate Misfits, said group activity has increased in the past two years.

“I’d love to see it continue to grow,” Seller said. “It feels good to help others in the community.”

Steel Wheels Treasurer Alan Thames said the outreach efforts are away for motorcycle riders to give back.

“The motorcycle world is a group that gives to those in need,” Thames said. “Most all of us have full-time jobs, so we use our free-time to give back.” 

Thames added that any items left over will be donated to the Place of Grace in Rockingham. 

It was the first time doing the food drive as a combined effort of all the motorcycle groups, with the focus being to continue the food drive twice a year. 

“I really appreciate the clubs coming together as well as the time and compassion everyone puts into it,” said Ol Skool Tribe member Christina Lynch. 

Anyone interested in donating to Marty’s Mission is encouraged to call 910-461-0747. 


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