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Book signing, art show coming this weekend to Rockingham’s IncSpace

Left: the cover of T. Russell Parker's latest book. Right: a tobacco leaf sculpture made by Diane Poland from tin off an old barn. The piece was in memory of her grandparents, who were tobacco farmers.

ROCKINGHAM — Richmond County’s small business incubator, IncSpace, will be hosting two overlapping artistic events this weekend.

Local author T. Russell Parker will hold a book signing for his second novel, “A World Without War: On The Run,” from 10 a.m.-noon Saturday at the Speckled Paw coffee shop.

The book, which was released last month, continues to follow the lead character, Rebecca Warren, in an alternate reality that hasn’t seen war for more than 700 years.

Parker, a Richmond County native, is executive producer and one of the anchors of the Richmond Observer’s Live at 5.

He said he is excited to host his book signing in the building  — for several reasons.

“Coffee and books have always gone well together,” Parker said Monday. “I have written a lot of the chapters inside of coffee shops as well as the IncSpace building. It seems like the perfect fit and I know a lot of folks can’t wait to continue reading Rebecca’s journey. It’s great that I can introduce them to a new local coffee shop and hopefully it’ll become their favorite just as it has for me.”

His first book, “A World Without War: Unwanted,” was released in February of 2020.

“I had a lot of positive feedback from ‘Unwanted,’ but also learned a few things from writing my first book,” Parker said. “There’s a lot more action this time, and the stakes have been raised as Rebecca and her friends are forced to escape the clutches of King Mathias. 

“More of the world is shared with the reader as well, which a lot of folks have found to be intriguing,” Parker added. “The mysteries will continue to play out and, yeah, a couple of characters will be lost along the journey.”

Parker will only be accepting cash for in-person purchases, however, the book is also available online in paperback through Amazon and in hardback through Barnes and Noble.


Diane Poland, of Art Wonders Gallery, is offering a “Pop Up Art Show” in the building’s lobby from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

Poland opened her gallery in IncSpace last month, where she works on paintings, sculptures and other artistic pieces. 

Several of her works are for sale, but some more personal pieces — which represent domestic abuse — are for display only. Poland also does commissioned work.

She said she wanted to put on the art show not only for herself, but to give other local artists exposure.

“There’s a couple of girls that are going to have their art in here that’s actually teenagers,” Poland said. “One of them is a really good photographer, she takes just excellent pictures. And the other one’s into painting … If it’s something they’re into, I think you should … give them all the help you can.”

There is no entry fee and the show is open to the public.

Any artist who would like their work displayed should drop off their pieces from 2-7 p.m. Friday.

“I’m excited to see people creating new things at IncSpace,” said co-owner Charlie Melvin. “This will be Russell’s second book signing here and the first art show. Both Russell and Diane work in the building, that makes me very proud.”

IncSpace, located at 115 S. Lawrence Street, Rockingham, is also home to Sunset Slush, the Richmond County Partnership for Children and the Richmond Observer.


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