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BREAKING NEWS: Cordova Middle School Student Struck by Car While Walking to School; Student in Good Condition

A Cordova Middle School student was struck by a car while walking to school Thursday morning.

CORDOVA – What could have easily been a horrific tragedy was miraculously minimal Thursday morning after a Cordova Middle School student was struck by a car on Ledbetter Street near the 8th Street intersection.

No charges were filed and no names have been released by the North Carolina Highway Patrol, but the student who was hit reportedly stepped into the roadway in the path of the vehicle approaching from behind her.

First responder Trooper R.L. Howze of the North Carolina Highway Patrol indicated that she was not seriously injured but was taken to FirstHealth Richmond Hospital as a precautionary measure.

“She was walking to school with friends and just stepped into the path of the car,” said Trooper Howze, who also noted that there were no aggravating factors involved.

Trooper Howze noted that there were absolutely no issues of texting, speeding, unsafe driving, or anything of that nature, and that the driver could not have avoided the accident.

It was indicated that the student was on the wrong side of the road (not facing the flow of traffic) and thus could not see vehicles coming from behind her when she stepped into the street.


The North Carolina Highway Patrol reminds for the need for pedestrians to be cognizant of their responsibilities when walking in close proximity to moving vehicles. It suggested that pedestrians should face oncoming traffic as to be more fully aware of approaching vehicles and make sure to look before venturing into the roadway.

Trooper Howze followed-up on the situation by personally visiting the victim in the hospital; he indicated that she was recovering nicely with no serious after effects.

Multiple attempts to garner any updated information from FirstHealth yielded no results.  Neither the local (Rockingham) hospital nor the regional campus in Moore County could provide any insight regarding the situation, so no further reports on the girl’s status are available at this time.

Also, multiple attempts to reach Richmond County Schools for a statement on the incident were unsuccessful at the time of this publication.

The Richmond Observer will provide an update as new details emerge from the NC Highway Patrol and RCS.

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