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“Choose Your Ride” Campaign Symbolized by “Taxi” Police Car

Kenny Melvin.

ROCKINGHAM —The Rockingham Police Department is taking an initiative that leaves no questions about what your ride should be after consuming alcohol.

After the concept was picked up, the older vehicle was taken out of the fleet and given a new paint scheme to raise awareness. From the front, the vehicle appears to be a normal police car, but the back offers a brightly painted, taxi-like appearance. This presents the question to potential drunk drivers as to whether they will be taking a ride in a taxi home, or a ride to jail.


Rockingham police chief Billy Kelly says “The highway safety message is to encourage people not to drink and drive. Other counties in the state and around the nation have done it, so we thought that it was a good idea, too.”


It will be placed throughout the city at various events to serve as an important reminder of the campaign. If you drink, you should always call a taxi, a friend or a driver to prevent an accident or an unwanted charge for driving while impaired (DWI). 

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