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Defense Health Agency clarifies TRICARE coverage for baby formula

Sierra McQueen-Fowler

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — The Defense Health Agency today released information clarifying current TRICARE coverage policy for baby formula.

“The formula shortage is a concerning and challenging situation and one that the Defense Health Agency is taking seriously,” said Elan Green, chief of TRICARE Health Plan’s Member Benefits and Reimbursement Section. “We understand that parents are worried. We know that clear information can help you navigate this difficult time.”

While TRICARE does cover nutritional formulas and vitamins for enrollees when deemed medically necessary, it does not cover regular baby formula for otherwise-healthy infants, according to an article posted on TRICARE.mil.

Eligible beneficiaries who meet conditions of coverage within the TRICARE policy on medical foods may have specialty formulas or other medical foods covered when medically necessary and appropriate.  The type of formula is dependent on the medical need.  For details, please visit the Nutritional Therapy page on TRICARE.mil.


Beneficiaries should not fill out any form found online to apply for baby formula from a source claiming to represent TRICARE that has not been directed from a TRICARE authorized provider.

As a reminder, TRICARE doesn’t directly ship baby formula to beneficiaries.  Parents with children who have a medical need for specialized formula should work with their pediatrician, Primary Care Manager (PCM), or specialist in case the formula they need is unavailable and to identify safe alternatives, if necessary.

The Defense Health Agency is always concerned about the health, wellness and safety of all our beneficiaries. “We understand that this is a very stressful time for military families with babies,” said Green. “Because TRICARE doesn’t have a supply of infant formula, it’s best you consult with your pediatrician, PCM, or specialist.”

Please visit the TRICARE Newsroom for additional questions and answers, or reach out to your TRICARE regional contractor.



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