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Despite Cooper win, Republicans appear to keep 6-4 majority of Council of State

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RALEIGH — The races for seats on the N.C. Council of State were as close as polls predicted. They defined what pollsters call toss-ups, all teetering close to the margin of error. 

Still, Republicans maintained the status quo, with a 6-4 majority of the statewide elected executive branch officers. Incumbents kept their seats, according to unofficial results as of 11:30 p.m. election night. Open seats for lieutenant governor, state superintendent, and labor commissioner stayed under GOP control. 

The governor, too, remains the same.

Roy Cooper, the Democrat, beat challenger, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, as predicted, by about 241,000 votes.

“After all is said and done, the names will change while the parties will maintain control of the Council of State positions they hold today,” said Mitch Kokai, political analyst at the John Locke Foundation. 

“Incumbents win, while the council welcomes three new Republicans. That has to mean good news for the GOP. Mark Robinson, Catherine Truitt, and Josh Dobson will bring fresh ideas to state government.”


• Roy Cooper, Democrat (I) — 51%

• Dan Forest, Republican — 47%

• Al Pisano, Constitution — 1%

• Steven J. DiFiore, Libertarian — 0.37%

Lieutenant governor 

• Mark Robinson, Republican — 52%

• Yvonne Lewis Holley, Democrat — 48%

Attorney General

• Josh Stein, Democrat (I) — 50.1%

• Jim O’Neill, Republican — 49.9%


• Beth A. Wood, Democrat (I) — 51%

• Anthony Wayne (Tony) Street, Republican — 49%

Commissioner of Agriculture

• Steve Troxler, Republican (I) — 54%

• Jenna Wadsworth, Democrat — 46%

Commissioner of Insurance

• Mike Causey, Republican (I) — 52%

• Wayne Goodwin, Democrat — 48%

Commissioner of Labor

• Josh Dobson, Republican — 51%

• Jessica Holmes — 49%

Secretary of State

• Elaine Marshall, Democrat (I) — 51%

• E.C. Sykes, Republican — 49%

Superintendent of Public Instruction

• Catherine Truitt, Republican — 51%

• Jen Mangrum, Democrat  — 49%


• Dale Folwell, Republican, (I) — 53%

• Ronnie Chatterji, Democrat — 47%

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