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Destiny Buie: An Animal Lover with a Future

Katy Massagee (left), Buie and Elizabeth Burns (right) volunteered to raise money for Richmond County Animal Advocates during Seaboard Fest in Hamlet.
Photo courtesy of C.K. Craven.

HAMLET – The 35th annual Seaboard Festival was held in Hamlet on Saturday, October 28th with the usual number of vendors and various attractions lining each side of Main Street.

But for those who happened to stop by The Richmond County Animal Advocates’ tent, there was a unique and refreshing aura to be experienced.

Destiny Buie, 17, was orchestrating sales and collecting donations with the fervor and enthusiasm of a seasoned veteran. In total, Buie raised $622.91.

Buie, a senior at Richmond Senior High School, had herself coordinated the rental of space and setting up of the Seaboard Festival operation for the Animal Advocates.

“I just love animals and wanted to do more,” Buie said when asked why someone her age would expend the energy and dedicate the time (a Saturday at that) required to facilitate the presence of the Animal Advocates at the Seaboard Festival.


“Adopt – Don’t Shop” is the primary message that Destiny and her co-advocates want to advertise to the community.

“Almost any breed of dog or cat can be found in shelters at some point,” Buie said.

Buie further stipulated that, “the most important thing people can do is ensure that their pets are spayed and neutered.” 

When asked about her aspirations – and certainly not surprisingly – Buie expressed hopes to become a veterinarian by matriculating at North Carolina State University and then completing veterinary medicine school there.

If her current mindset and actions are accurate indicators, Buie’s parents were prophetic when naming her; she is definitely “destined” to do great things for the animals of this world.

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