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Dobbins Heights, Town Council Striving to Move Forward

Mayor Antonio Blue
Town of Dobbins Heights, NC.

DOBBINS HEIGHTS — This past Thursday, the town council meeting of Dobbin Heights was called to order at 7:00pm.

Mayor Antonio Blue, who has been the mayor of the town for 10 years, kicked off the evening with names of citizens to uplift in prayer. Shortly after, each council member gave their report.

In his administrative report, Mayor Blue maintained and reassured the safety of Dobbins Heights and discussed the desire to bring voting to the city. The sanitation report covered how to properly dispose of medical supplies and equipment.

During the tax report, citizens were reminded of notices that had been previously sent out in regards to the delinquent property tax collection. And a special thank you was given to volunteers who often cut the grass along the shoulder of the roads and dispose of limbs and branches.

The highlight of the evening was guest speaker, Dr. Frank McDuffie from the Laurinburg Institute who spoke about the initiation of a collective think-tank and resource hub. The Magnificent Eight, housed between Richmond and other neighboring counties, has a collective population of over 700,000 people. Resources and other services in the counties “can and should be shared,” said McDuffie.

McDuffie also noted, “It doesn’t have to all be competitive, it can be collegial.”

Later that evening, Mayor Blue exhibited pride in the community center which broke ground in 2014 and opened the following year. The center has hosted various events throughout the year including movie nights, police training, parent-teacher nights and NAACP meetings, and every Thursday from 1:00 to 5:00pm., a representative from the North Carolina Career Center comes in to support citizens’ job search by offering tips and help on resume writing.


A recent renovation to the basketball and tennis courts, as well as the pool, was just another one of the many positive things that Blue spoke of in the meeting. Swim lessons will be offered to children for the remainder of summer.

Blue said that if there was a need, Dobbins Heights would try to meet those needs.

Before adjourning the meeting, Mayor Blue encouraged everyone to participate and become proactive by reminding citizens of the long and progressive history of Dobbins Heights.


 “Everything is going good and moving in the right direction. Remember that this is your community. It’s not just mine, but it belongs to all eight hundred plus citizens of Dobbins Heights,” Blue said.

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