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ELECTION COVERAGE: Ellerbe Candidate Preview

Photo courtesy of The Richmond Observer.

ELLERBE – While there doesn’t seem to be much buzz about the countywide elections to be held next week (Tuesday, November 7), for those running, this year’s election is something worth talking about. The Richmond Observer is proud to present information needed to go out and make an informed vote.

Continuing with our “Meet the Candidates” previews, Ellerbe is up next. Ellerbe is home to one of the more contested elections in Richmond County, and has the potential to swap out familiar faces with new ones.

As a reminder, Lee Berry, mayor of Ellerbe is running unopposed. Corey Brewington, Jean C. Fletcher, and Archie Richardson are the incumbents and they are facing challengers Fred Cloninger and Lee Freeman for the three available seats in the town council.

Below are the profiles of one incumbent and one opponent.  Again, all candidates had the opportunity to respond.


Corey Brewington

Age: 42

Office: Town Council (Re-Election)

Resident of Ellerbe for 40 years


Why are you running for re-election on town council? 

 The reason I am running is simple. I wish to continue to update, clean up and address the resident’s concerns for new growth and business.

How will your experience, background knowledge, and unique abilities help you to best serve the town if re-elected to council?

As a current member of Ellerbe’s Town Council, I have a lot of knowledge on what the town is doing and where we need to continue to make strides. We’ve already completed some big projects and now we can move forward with the new ones that we’ve been working on.

What is your opinion of your opponent, and what challenges does he/she present?

I am not opposed to newcomers entering the Town Council, but everyone comes in with great ambitions. It’s a process to change and update town concerns. Everything is a process. I would say for the new ones to be patient and diligent for change.


Fred Cloninger

Age: 61

Office: Town Council

 Resident of Ellerbe since 2016


Why are you running for town council? For those of you not running for the first time, please state why do you wish to continue to hold that position?

I am running for Ellerbe Town Council first and foremost because I love the town and I want to see a great community become even better. I believe we have a duty to preserve our small town charm, but also need to actively pursue growth to help make Ellerbe strong and prosperous for the next generation.

Ellerbe has so much potential and I would like to be a part of helping to promote the town and businesses in order to encourage others to come to Ellerbe and experience why we love it so much. 

How will your experience, background knowledge, and unique abilities help you to best serve the town if re-elected to council?

I was born and raised in Ellerbe. Although I lived in Rockingham for a number of years, my parents and many other family and friends lived in Ellerbe and it has always been home to me. My wife and I moved back to Ellerbe last June and remodeled the house I was raised in.  

Because of my lifelong connection to Ellerbe, I believe I have a good knowledge of the workings of the town. I have held a supervisory position at my job with Vulcan Materials for 26 years supervising as many as 20 employees. My experience in that position has helped enhance my business and leadership skills and my ability to connect with people. I am also currently a trustee at Glenwood Methodist Church. In this position, I help advise on the business of running the church.

What is your opinion of your opponent, and what challenges does he/she present?


I am sure all of my opponents are worthy candidates. I am not running against anyone as much as I am running to be elected so I can provide a fresh perspective and make a difference. I believe Ellerbe is poised for growth and am ready to contribute to help make it happen.

In Saturday’s edition, candidates from Rockingham and Hoffman will be discussed.

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