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Essential Oils: The New Trend of Richmond County

Young Living Essential Oils.
Photo courtesy of Young Living Essential Oils

HAMLET – Most of us are too young to remember, but there was a time when people pretty much took care of themselves in most every facet of life.

Yes, there were doctors and general stores somewhere in the area, and maybe even an occasional “drug store” in town, but for the most part, folks were on their own.

So how did they even survive, much less thrive and prosper, without the finer amenities of life that we all know and love in this modern era?

One way was a reliance on nature and the earth’s abundance of natural resources that are intrinsically helpful for maintaining wellness.

Grandma always seemed to know just what herb or elixir or poultice or mustard plaster was needed for whatever medical condition or emergency that might arise.

Do you or your family members still have “recipes” for any of those old remedies?  Hopefully so, but …. probably not.

Well, if you would like to rediscover the ways and means of how Grandma used those natural health and beauty aids, now is your chance to become the proverbial “guru” of such things.

Dana Brigman and Kathy Shelley of Young Living offer classes on the proper uses of essential oils and related resources from 7 to 8 p.m. on most Monday nights at All Saints Episcopal Church on Henderson Street in Hamlet (across from the library). 

Brigman has been highly involved in the proper application and usage of essential oils and methods related to such since 2012, and Shelley became interested even before that.

They want us to know that the uses for these natural health and beauty oils are endless.  An infinite array of pure “products” can be made and used for the same purposes as retail chemicals, and can be easily (and cost effectively) made at home.  It is also noted that uses can be applied to pets (especially dogs) as well.


Some of the essential oils can be applied directly to the skin to alleviate pain (e.g., from burns, etc.) and itching (e.g., from bug bites, etc.) while others can be mixed to make vapor rubs, hand cleanser spritz, aroma therapy scents and cleaning products.

The class also offers a chance to compare the essential oils and natural applications to what you might otherwise purchase. 

Many, if not most, “store-bought” retail products may do the same thing, but a quick read of their ingredients will alert you as to the other additive chemicals that you will also be applying, breathing, or otherwise ingesting. 

“Most of the shelf products have been adulterated in some way – that is the only way the companies can keep the price down,” says Brigman.  “Essential oils are all natural with no additives of any type, and are closely monitored for purity throughout their cycle from seeding to growing to harvesting to transporting to getting to us.” 

Shelley notes that, as pure and natural products of the earth itself, essential oils never expire. 

“The only exceptions are the citrus based oils,” said Shelley. “Coming from fruit, they may last only a year to 18 months. But you will use up your supply well before then.”

“We are not doctors or pharmacists or medical practitioners of any type, and the use of natural essential oils should not be considered a substitute for medical treatment,” says Brigman. “But every system in the body can be supported by aroma therapy.”

So now you know how to easily learn more about the intrinsic healing value of natural health and beauty oils and how easily you can become your own self-reliant provider and master of what your grandma did to keep everyone healthy.

Visit the Young Living website at www.YoungLiving.com or www.EssentialBeliever.com for more information, or e-mail DanaBrigman.YL@Outlook.com, or call (980) 339-8064.

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