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Father of 2: Stop using drugs in Richmond County parks

Richard Graham says he found a discarded needle at a local park Monday and a broken pipe at another park Tuesday.
Photos courtesy of Richard "Ozzy" Graham

ROCKINGHAM — A local man says he found evidence of drug use at two Richmond County parks on consecutive days this week.

Richard “Ozzy” Graham, a Richmond County native who currently lives in Scotland County, went live on Facebook Monday after reportedly finding a discarded needle by a water fountain at East Rockingham Park.

“I grew up at this park,” Graham said on the video. “There used to be a lot of fun things to do out here — there (are) still fun things for children — but, one thing I do not care about seeing, what I just found over here by the water fountain.”

Graham repositioned his phone to show a needle by a concrete slab.

“This is where our ffff, this is where our effing kids play,” Graham said, trying to censor himself. “And you junkies can’t just … go somewhere else and do your sh-t. Stop doing it at parks. Kids come out here and play … this is ridiculous.”

He said he picked up the needle and tossed it in the trash.

“It’s just sad that you meth-head, needle-frickin-pushin’, heroin-addict lowlife scum gonna do this mess out here where children play,” continued Graham, who has two sons under the age of 6. “It’s just absolutely heartbreaking for our kids — not for you guys, not for you junkies. I don’t give a damn about you.”

He then asked what would happen if a child happened to pick up the needle and inject himself with whatever was in there.

On Tuesday, Graham posted a photo of a broken glass smoking pipe he says he found near the old building at the Hitchcock Creek Greenway in Rockingham.

“I’m literally tired of finding drugs and paraphernalia like that everywhere,” he told the RO Tuesday afternoon. “It makes me sick that these types of people are the ones who beg for money and stuff on social media, knowing they can work and make a decent wage and my tax dollars, and every other hard worker has their tax dollars, supporting these people to be lazy and steal and smoke dope.”

Richmond County Jail records on Tuesday showed at least three men currently being held on meth-related charges and one man awaiting trial on heroin-related charges.


Local law enforcement officers suggest that anyone who finds paraphernalia at a municipal park should contact local authorities so an officer can properly dispose of it.

“Depending on the paraphernalia, (law enforcement) has a way to safely dispose of needles rather than citizens disposing (them) in trash,” said Detective George Gillenwater of the Rockingham Police Department.

Graham said he did not report either find.

As for a solution to the drug problem, Graham said, “If lawmakers and political parties were more focused on the people instead of money, I think a lot could be done.”

He also opposes giving Narcan to those who overdose.

“It’s a choice, not a disease,” Graham said. “Granted, yes, when they get addicted, most can’t fight it, but you have others who have.”


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