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Feature Series- Daryl Mason for Board of Education

Daryl Mason, Candidate for Richmond County Board of Education
Photo by Chuck Thames

ROCKINGHAM-  Daryl Mason is originally from the state of Florida.  He has spent the last 33 years however, in Richmond County.  “Now when people ask me where I’m from, I tell them Richmond County, I have lived here longer than I lived in Florida,” said Mason.

Daryl Mason is married to Teresa Hailey Mason who according to the Richmond County School Board Candidate “is my heart, my passion and she guides me in the direction I should go.” 

Mason has worked in Richmond County Schools for over 30 years and he says, “I’ve been from the bottom to the top”.  His Richmond County Schools resume’ began at Hamlet Junior High in 1985.  He moved to Rockingham Junior High in 1990 where he began as a P.E. teacher and served as Assistant Principal for three years.  Mason then was promoted to Principal at Leak Street Alternative High School for ten years.  Later he moved to Richmond Senior High School and served as Associate Principal and Assistant Principal as well as Dean of  Students. 

“Even though I’ve had all these titles, titles are not important to me, service is important to me,”  said Mason.  He described life in public service as that of a servant.  Mason said, “Even though I was the person in charge, I didn’t walk around like I was the person in charge.” Mason believes when you are a person in public service you are supposed to help the people you represent. 


Wherever students come from, Mason believes in all kids being treated on the same level, playing field and slate.  “From the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich, we ought to treat and govern all student behavior and the needs of those students based on what is needed, not who their parents are, not how much money they have, but what is fair, across the board.”  

The Richmond Observer will continue to feature stories on the speeches given by candidates at the Richmond County Democratic Convention in the coming days. 

Editor’s note-This article is part of a series highlighting the recent local Democratic Party Convention. 

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