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Flip FabriQue Dazzles Onlookers at Cole Auditorium Spectacle

Flip FabriQue's Jade Dussault, center, performs during Monday's show at the Cole Auditorium.
Photo courtesy of Crystal Mac.

HAMLET – What do you get when you combine twirling hula hoops, soaring acrobats, juggling tennis balls, and loud laughs all to the sound of music and a beat? A Flip FabriQue Show, a new kind of circus.

It may have been pouring rain outside, but nothing but sunshine and joy filled the mezzanine of the Cole Auditorium on Richmond Community College’s campus Monday night. The show started promptly at 7:30 p.m., and for 75 minutes the Flip FabriQue crew engaged the audience in a lively, animated production called “Attrape-moi” (Catch Me!). It is a story of summertime fun with childhood friends who hadn’t seen each other in 10 years through flips, music and gravity-defying stunts. It is a story of reunion, rediscovery, and happiness, which are the very themes upon Flip FabriQue was founded. 

Flip FabriQue is a circus troupe out of Quebec, Canada, and is comprised of seven long-time friends who established the group in November 2011. All members are long-time members of the professional circus community, and through their combined experiences, have created a new, innovative approach to circus. A Flip FabriQue show is where Broadway meets circus. From musical scores, to comedy, to a trampo-wall, hula-hoops, diabolos, acrobatics, and aerialistic techniques, Flip FabriQue creates a fast-paced, high-intensity, athletic, variety, circus show for all to enjoy.

Jade Dussault, native of Quebec and “queen of hula-hoop”, doesn’t mind being the only lady of the crew.

“It’s easy because the boys take care of me like a sister,” Dussault said. “It’s like I have six big brothers because we have such great energy. Most of them have been my friends since I was 10, so there’s a genuine connection between us all.”

The greatest feat of the show is the precision that the performers exhibit. Dussault also says it’s the hardest part of performing.

“You have to be precise all the time and extremely focused because one second off and it could be fatal,” she added.


As the audience members filed into the Cole, nothing but comments of awe escaped their mouths.  “I was so scared with some of the stunts; It was simply incredible; I’ve been to Cirque du Soleil, but this was quite different; I’m glad my wife made me come, I think I enjoyed it more than she did,” were just a few of the accolades the troupe received.

Joey Bennet, director of the Cole Auditorium, was glad RCC could bring a show like this to Richmond County.

“It’s been several years since we did a circus, acrobatic, type show,” Bennett noted. “And I’m elated we could bring it back and I’m glad it was so well received.” 

One of Bennett’s highlights about bringing the show to the county is the exposure to the youth. Earlier that day, one of the performers conducted a workshop on the “Wheel”, an acrobatic apparatus that consists of a single large ring made of aluminum, for the students of Richmond Early College.

Bryan Leggett, a Rockingham native and season pass holder for the Dewitt Performing Arts Series, shared his support of the arts in Richmond County.

“The show was really terrific and very entertaining,” Leggett said. “I really enjoyed it. I’m just happy I can support Richmond Community College and the arts here in Richmond County because it’s important and needed in our community.”

The Dewitt Performing Arts Series has revitalized art and performance in Richmond County and is a pillar in the community. For more information on upcoming shows and ticket prices, please contact the Cole Auditorium box office at (910) 410-1691. 

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