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Freedom Baptist Youth, “Buckets of Love” Take Over the County

Freedom Baptist Church

ROCKINGHAM— The Children of Freedom Baptist Church and Freedom EDGE have a challenge for Richmond County as they continue to try to spread “Buckets of Love”.


Buckets of Love is a program sponsored by Freedom Baptist Church and Freedom EDGE youth designed to offer literal buckets with supportive items and more to individuals in the Richmond County community in need.

Children’s Ministry Director and EDGE Children’s Program Administrator Lori Patrick said that she already had the buckets handy, but a simple thought while going through her morning routine turned into an opportunity to give.

Several people began donating candy and other items such as snack-foods to fill the buckets. From there, the children decorated and placed a special message inside before passing them out. Although Buckets of Love have been circulating around the county for weeks, many more are to be given away.

Freedom EDGE participant Sarah Nessell said, “It’s for people who really help us, because making the buckets and showing love is fun.”

Recently, Karen McLean, a member of Freedom Baptist Church, was admitted to the hospital, resulting in Patrick having the children paint a message, sign their names to a handmade card, and fill a bucket full of goodies for McLean and her family. Before delivering the bucket, they all joined in prayer.

“I was so touched by their kindness,” McLean said. “I’m actually paying it forward with my bucket full of home-grown tomatoes to give to my neighbor,” McLean said.


Anyone can receive or give a “Bucket of Love”. Bold Moves Dance Company, ReMax and Twisted Treats are just a few local businesses that have recently received them. The youth are now challenging anyone who receives one to refill and give to another person, family, or business in need.

“It’s for people who need a little love and to be taught about Jesus, to tell them and show them that we love them,” said EDGE participant Skyler Collins.

This may be their most recent project, but this is not the only one that Freedom Youth are involved with to help the community. The group raised over $700 in just two days as part of a cupcake fundraiser for a local Richmond Community College instructor who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

You may also spot the group handing out bottled water to workers outside or passing out their spare change at the local laundromat. These small acts of kindness continue to help this group grow in a big way.

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