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Friends of the Library and Seaboard Festival Day Committee Award Carvings to Raffle Winners

Raffle Winners Charles Vaughn (grand prize) and Daisy Brown (secondary winner) accept their wooden bear sculptures (courtesy of Mountain Mike’s Whetstone Woodworks) from Friends of the Library members and Hamlet Library staff.
Photo courtesy of C.K. Craven.

Charles Vaughn and Daisy Brown were not really hunting for bears on Saturday, but each of them got one anyway.

The Friends of the Hamlet Library, in conjunction with the Seaboard Festival Day Committee, held a raffle that netted $896 for the benefit of the Hamlet Public Library.

Selling tickets at $1 each, Jane McCall, President of the Friends of the Library, Sara Jackson and other “Friends” worked tirelessly throughout the duration of the Seaboard Festival on Saturday, October 28th, to ensure that the library fundraiser was a success.

The winning ticket was purchased by Charles Vaughn of Hamlet, with Daisy Brown (also a Hamlet resident) holding the magic number for the runner-up award.


Chainsaw carver Mike Ayers of Mountain Mike’s Whetstone Woodworks crafted a wooden bear three feet in height as the grand prize.  A smaller version was donated for the runner up award.

“We are very appreciative of the work of Mountain Mike, as well as the support and generosity of the Seaboard Festival Day Committee, for making this possible,” said McCall.


The proceeds will go directly to the Hamlet Public Library for the benefit of children/adult programs.

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