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Hamlet City lake getting a makeover

A contracted crew cleans up around Hamlet City Lake on the first day of the first phase of a major renovation project.
City of Hamlet

HAMLET — A major clean-up effort around City Lake got underway Friday.

City Manager Jonathan Blanton said the city hired a contracting company to completely clear the overgrowth in the area and take out trees that were dead and rotting.

It’s something Blanton said he’s wanted to do for a long time.

He said there has been “lots of trouble” with people loitering in the overgrowth, on the picnic tables and behind the caboose.

The crew started at the dam and worked around the south side of the lake and behind the Senior Center to the mural.

Blanton said the first phase is estimated to take five to seven days and work would continue throughout the weeks ahead.

The cost for this phase will cost less than $25,000, according to Blanton.

Other improvements include sandblasting the caboose and repaint the mural, which he is considering requesting bids for suggestions.


Blanton also wants to eventually replace the pier. Ideally, he’d like to see it go across the entire lake.

“The City of Hamlet is committed to providing a clean, beautiful, and safe environment for everyone to enjoy at the City Lake,” he said. “Friday’s initial clean-up is only the first step in renovating the City Lake property and the City is looking forward to making the Hamlet City Lake one of the most attractive landscape scenes in Richmond County.”


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