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Hamlet Local Business Spotlight: Hamlet Florist and Consignment Shop

HAMLET – To step back in time while remaining firmly entrenched in the present, venture down to 29 Main Street in Hamlet and visit Carolyn Blue’s Hamlet Florist & Consignments Shop. 

In this quaint, little pseudo-boutique one will find a veritable smorgasbord of eye-catching widgets, knick-knacks and curios, both contemporary and historical in nature and style.

Blue maintains “updated” supplies of clothing and other miscellaneous items of interest (modern appliances, technologically advanced electronics), but perhaps the finest of her wares are found amongst the numerous collections of relatively antiquated pieces.

A camel-back trunk from the early 1900’s is a notable piece, but scores of other selections of multiple styles, shapes and genres can be found in her store.

A wicker baby carriage, a diploma from 1915, numerous old books, varied types of jewelry from different eras, and several pieces of old furnishings (all of which are in relatively good shape) are strategically placed throughout the store; it’s just a matter of how much time one has to browse.

But articles of clothing are Blue’s best-selling inventory, and it would seem that her display racks offer something for all makes and models.

For people who have items just sitting around that they would like to dispose of, consignment is an easy way to do it.

Having been in operation for over nine years, Blue has the process down to a fine art. 

“I maintain and display your merchandise for up to 60 days and we split the sale 60/40%,” says Blue. “But I can only take 15 items of clothing at a time or else I have no place to store it.” 


Furniture is a “time of transaction” decision for similar reasons (display area availability), but Blue will certainly try to accommodate everyone to the extent feasible at any given time.

But the consignment business was not Blue’s first calling. And, as the name of her business indicates, one’s floral needs of any requirement can be met at this same location. 

“The Lord told me to do a florist business, so that is what I started out with,” Blue noted. “Most of the florist work is with funeral arrangements and, of course, Valentine’s and Mothers’ Day are always busy times, but we do most anything that anyone wants with flowers.”

Whether one is in need of a flower arrangement, or just looking for a good bargain on clothing, furniture or most anything else, Hamlet Florist & Consignments Shop is likely to have it. 

Blue is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and welcomes most donations, as well as consignment items.

Visit the shop’s Facebook page at HamletConsignmentandThriftStore or call 910-205-3607.

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