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Jenkins to Assume GM Role, Revamp RO-Owned ‘Classic Rock Radio”

Lance Jenkins, former LIVE AT 5 anchor and GOOD MORNING SANDHILLS host, will return to revamp 'The Classic Rock Radio' into an all-new radio experience with an all-new genre for Richmond County.
Adele Lee

ROCKINGHAM — Lance Jenkins always said he thought of Richmond County as his second home. Now, he’s coming back.

KCL Media, owner of The Richmond Observer, announced this morning that minority partner and former LIVE AT 5 and Good Morning Sandhills anchor Lance Jenkins will return to an active role with the company as the General Manager of ‘The Classic Rock Radio’ and will lead a full overhaul and relaunch of the station. 

The new station will feature a new approach to streaming radio music and original programming, will see a major change in genre, and will launch in February 2020.

“The time is right for a change,” Jenkins said. “I’m a big lover of classic rock, but I think this area loves a different type of music even more, and I can’t wait to give it to them in a new and exciting way.”

Jenkins said the new station will feature original programming every day, but has said the station’s main music genre will not be revealed until mid-January. In addition, he also pointed out the new station will be very different from the ‘The Classic Rock’ station now, which is currently available at theclassicrockradio.com and by downloading “The Classic Rock Sandhills” app for iPhone and Android phones, in that it will sound much more like a traditional radio station while limiting commercials to give listeners an amazing experience all the while giving proper attention to core sponsors. It will still be free to use and able to be streamed online and on the official app.

“We want to truly ride the wave of success the Observer has enjoyed in the last two and a half years,” Jenkins noted, “and there is no reason adding another free service that appeals to our already large audience can’t be successful.”


Jenkins is confident the genre, which he argues has widespread appeal in the Carolinas, will shine a spotlight on its home base of Richmond County for years to come.

Plans already announced include a flagship music program to air every Saturday and Sunday from 1:00-6:00pm, an upbeat show set for each weekday at 12:00 noon, and fun, original programming every weekday evening for the ride home from work.


Lance Jenkins interviews Richmond Raider head coach Bryan Till in a November 2017 episode.


“I am very excited to have Lance back,” said Charlie Melvin, co-owner of KCL Media and publisher at The Richmond Observer. “He brings a lot of energy and talent, which are great assets to both The Richmond Observer and KCL Media.” 

The Richmond Observer first launched in 2017, and was followed months later by the launch of ‘The Classic Rock Radio’ and most recently ROYellow, an online, comprehensive directory of businesses and resources  in Richmond County and the surrounding area.

The Richmond Observer will continue to report on developments regarding the changes coming to ‘The Classic Rock Radio’.

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