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Local Ladies “Keeping the Faith” with Good Company and Fellowship

Local ladies gather at First United Methodist Church in Rockingham for the third Ladies Night event.
Photo courtesy of Alexandra Garnder.

ROCKINGHAM – For local ladies wanting to good company and fellowship, First United Methodist Church in Rockingham was the place to be Tuesday.

On Tuesday night, the Merry Makers Senior Adult Ministries hosted its third Ladies Night at the church in downtown Rockingham.

The event was open to all women searching for a night out with ladies of faith gathering to eat and worship.

As advertised, the event had dinner provided by Rick’s Catering of Laurinburg, door prizes, and an exciting speaker.

Mary Griffith, speaker for the event, described how nervous she was to fill the shoes of those who have spoken at the previous Ladies Nights being as they were both ministers. However, judging by the crowd’s reactions and comments by the attendees afterward, Griffith did phenomenal by being herself and sharing her testimony.

Griffith is a mother of four, but she will be the first to say that it hasn’t always been easy.

“My whole life has been built on faith and God’s grace,” Griffith explained. “But I am still a working progress.”

The scripture she pulled from was Matthew 14:22-32 which tells the story of Jesus asking His disciples to have faith and encouraging Peter to walk on water to come to Him. In the story, Peter begins to walk on water toward Jesus, but becomes afraid, which leads to doubt, so he begins to sink. Jesus responds to Peter’s doubt by first saving him from sinking and then asking, “You of little faith…why did you doubt?”


Throughout the night she encouraged her listeners to, “get out of that boat, walk on the water looking towards God, letting Him hold our hand and our hearts.”

Griffith used this scripture to demonstrate how there were times when she began to sink away from her faith, but God reached in to show her His plan. Between her and her husband, Lee Griffith, they prayed about the opportunities God presented them with and trusted Him. Without that trust, she believes their family wouldn’t be where they are today.

Time and time again the family was presented with trials and situations when Griffith would ask her husband “why?” But the answer that always followed was, “keep the faith that God is in the situation.”

The Griffith family grew bigger and stronger over the years always keeping the faith. Today Griffith describes their family as still being a “work in progress faith family” and that she herself is “God’s working progress.”

Her overall message to the crowd at the Ladies Night and to all who her story reaches is that her Savior is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

“Ask God to provide,” she stated. “He will multiply His grace toward you in your times of trouble. He sees you in your hiding place… He sees you sinking in the water and will find a way to meet your needs. Reach out and grab His hand. All things are possible with God. Pray and give it to God”

First United Methodist Church will hold its forth Ladies Night on Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018. Contact the church office at 410 E. Washington Street, Rockingham for more details.

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