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Major Hamlet Intersection Catching Attention of Local Drivers; HPD Advises Caution

A pickup truck crashed through a residential fence at the intersection of Marlboro Street and Hylan Avenue in Hamlet and hit a house.
Contributed photo.

HAMLET – The Hamlet Police Department had to focus on a single intersection a bit more so than normal this week. 

Residents near the stoplight at Marlboro Street (Highway 177 South) and Hylan Avenue experienced more than their usual share of unfortunate activity on the evenings of Monday and Wednesday.

On Monday, a tractor trailer turned west off of Marlboro Street onto Hylan Avenue at approximately 7:10 p.m. without clearing a support pole, rendering the stop light useless.

Then on Wednesday, a vehicle driving south on Marlboro Street swerved to avoid a northbound car turning west onto Hylan, subsequently careening through a fence and well into the yard of the residents on the southwest corner.

“We have seen a lot of those at this intersection,” says Melba Short.  It was her fence that was damaged, but she says that accidents occurred even more frequently before the traffic light was put there.

“I’ve been here for 20 years now, and it’s always something,” said Short. “But nowhere near as bad as it was before they put the light there.”

Investigating officer Corey Wilson indicated that, other than some motorists failing to exercise due caution, there is nothing unique about the intersection itself or the posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour at that location.


“It just happened that we had two incidents at the same location within 48 hours,” Wilson noted. “But otherwise, there is nothing particularly dangerous or unusual about that spot.”

Officer Wilson and other Hamlet Police Department personnel expressed the need to remind drivers to exercise due caution on the roads, especially with the increased traffic activity over the holiday period.

The Hamlet Police Department also asks residents to be wary of unusual activity or unfamiliar persons, especially in residential areas. 

“We’ve had extra patrols in the Pinecroft district,” explained Wilson, “after reports of suspicious individuals in that neighborhood and a theft on Rice Street.”

It was suggested by Officer Wilson that, just to be safe, anyone witnessing any unusual activity should call HPD at 910-582-2551 or Crime Stoppers at 910-997-5454.

Below are more photos of Wednesday’s accident.

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