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Moss releases agenda for 2023 session

RALEIGH — On Monday, state Rep. Ben Moss, R-Richmond, announced a set of priority legislation that he intends to file this year, including advancements in workforce development, business modernization, and security measures in response to the Moore County substation attacks

“This session, I will be filing common-sense legislation to retain our standing as the best state to live, work, and raise a family,” said Moss, “We are going to re-evaluate the antiquated county tier system, secure our energy sources, support first responders and veterans, and expand educational opportunities for working families. I look forward to delivering on these items and collaborating with my fellow legislators during the 2023-2024 biennium, to serve our great State and bring positive results for all North Carolinians.”


Re-Evaluate County Tier System – Direct the Joint Legislative Economic Development and Global Engagement Oversight Committee to study and evaluate the antiquated three-tier system for county economic status designations.

Energy Security Act of 2023 – Require utility providers to have 24/7 security systems in-place at substations to protect against vandalism and other threats.

Workforce Development Act of 2023 – $2,500,000 appropriation to the Department of Public Instruction to administer grants to LEA’s for the creation of a “High School to Work” program between high schools and local businesses — to create opportunities for high school students to participate in summer apprenticeships, internships, or to job shadow in various trades and skilled labor positions. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction shall develop guidelines for the program.

Business Modernization Act of 2023 – Allow for remote online notarization in North Carolina.


Military Student Success Act of 2023 – Direct the N.C. Community College System to produce a program to award military students with course credits for their training when they enroll at a Community College within the System. Develop a database that permits military-affiliated students and university personnel to quickly determine the appropriate credit and apply it accordingly. Awarded credits will be course-specific.

Make North Carolina Home Act of 2023 – Translate North Carolina’s building code into Spanish. Establish a website to track all local planning, zoning, and land-use regulations. Direct the NC Department of Commerce to develop a program to partner with counties on residential site selection, establishing measurable goals to fulfill housing needs in growing areas of the state by 2033.

Back the Blue Act of 2023 – An act to study the cost and benefit of excluding law enforcement retirement/pension pay from taxation for law enforcement officers that served at least 5+ years in the State of North Carolina. The study will also include any such retirement/pension account for firefighters and first responders.

Eliminate the Grocery Tax – Reduce government’s burden on working families; End the Grocery Tax, effective 2024.

The House of Representatives officially seated members on Jan. 11, electing leadership and adopting its rules package for the biennium. The House is set to reconvene on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023, to begin committee work and bill filing.

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