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Mother complains to Richmond County Schools after autistic son found covered in feces; assistant resigns

HAMLET — A teacher’s assistant at Fairview Heights Elementary has resigned following a complaint made by the mother of an autistic student after she found him covered in feces.

Lisa Bass, whose third-grade son is autistic, said she was called to come out to the school last Thursday because of an accident on the bus.

She posted photos to her Facebook page — a post that was shared more than 240 times — of her son with feces on his hands, clothes and face.

(Note: We felt the photos were too graphic to show here.)

Bass said the TA did not attempt to wash his face or hands and that she was denied use of the bathroom to clean him up.

“I had to strip him naked and clean him in the parking lot with a bottle of water and wipes!” she said in her post, adding that her son was embarrassed. “ … he was treated in a very inhumane way and she degraded him as a person … No child or adult should be treated this way regardless of their disability!”


Bass said she thinks he was trying to clean himself and that this is the third similar incident he’s had this year.

However, she says the previous two times a teacher or teacher’s assistant actually cleaned him up and she was never called to the school.

Richmond County Schools Public Information Officer Jasmine Hager confirmed Monday that the TA resigned.

“At this time, we are unable to comment on this confidential personnel matter that is currently under investigation,” she said in a statement. “Please know that Richmond County Schools takes all parental concerns seriously …”

Bass said she has no problem with his teacher or the other assistant, adding they have done a “wonderful job” with her son. She also said she received an apology from the superintendent on Friday.

Bass was one of the many parents opposed to the rebranding of Cordova School to a middle school and the transfer of special needs children. 


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