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N.C. beer, wine distributors recognize Jan. 11 as national day of human trafficking awareness

RALEIGH — Today, in recognition of the National Day of Human Trafficking Awareness, the  member companies of the N.C. Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association are mobilizing their 5,600 employees to fight human trafficking. 

N.C. Beer & Wine member companies have worked in partnership with N.C. Alcohol Law  Enforcement and the National Beer Wholesalers Association to educate and train employees on recognizing and reporting human trafficking. Employees have been provided tools and resources to spot suspicious behaviors and alert authorities while on their delivery routes. 

“Every community in our state is vulnerable to the horrors of human trafficking”, says Tee Nunnelee, chairman of the N.C. Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association and president of Coastal Beverage Company in eastern North Carolina. “Our hardworking delivery teams visit thousands of N.C. retail locations each week and are now prepared to be an extra set of eyes and ears on the ground in this important fight against human trafficking.” 


N.C. Beer & Wine distributors collectively visit more than 20,000 retail establishments across the state including bars, restaurants, night clubs, hotels, convenience and grocery stores. They are uniquely positioned to combat this heinous crime, given their access to backroom locations often unseen by the public. 

January is also International Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Human trafficking continues to plague communities across the United States and it disproportionately targets vulnerable populations such as women, children and immigrants.