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New Yoga Studio Opens in Hamlet

HAMLET— A Richmond County native has returned from Hunstersville, NC to open a yoga studio on Main Street in Hamlet.

Johnnie Brigman Butterfield attended The University of North Carolina to pursue her career in dentistry, and later, Strayer University where she completed her Master of Science in Health Care Administration. Butterfield attributes earning her masters through the many benefits of yoga. Yoga can provide stress relief, and may offer an increase in focus, according to Butterfield.

“It’s needed, and it’s also important to understand the benefits of yoga, what it does to your body, not just physically, but mentally too,” Butterfield said.


Although Butterfield has been practicing yoga for more than 7 years, she says that the idea of opening her own studio began at home while practicing with family. Family members encouraged her in April of this year to do something local. Shortly after, her brother-in-law found the cozy spot located on 58 Main Street in Hamlet.

Unlike other studios, Butterfield says that she plans to keep it simple by getting rid of workout intimidation. After getting married in Fiji in 2009, she began embarking on this journey of transformation. Naming her studio seemed difficult in the beginning, until the name “Vakacegu Bebe” came to mind, which is Fijian for “Peaceful Butterfly.”


Classes will be donation-based, and the first class will take place this Saturday, July 15 at 9:00am.

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