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Nonprofit requests use of old Hoffman School for summer camp

Photo by Chris McDonald

HOFFMAN — Usage of the old school for a summer extension program as well as a tabled issue from March’s meeting were on the docket for the monthly Town Council meeting Monday night.

Sherry Algood, executive director of Sandhills Cooperation Association, requested permission from the board to hold a summer camp at the former Hoffman School June 12-Aug. 17.

“We already have a site over in Montgomery County, we would like to have one in Hoffman,” said Algood.

According to their literature, “SCA is a non-profit, community-based organization committed to engaging, empowering, and activating individual’s actions in order for them to walk in their talents while supporting the increase of sustainability within marginalized communities as well as global society at large.”

The board members told Algood that they would be getting back to her regarding her request for use of the property.

A sealed bid had been received by the Town Council regarding the purchase of property on School Street. According to the board, in April 2017, a resident had expressed interest in buying the property. However, after her initial inquiry, the interest had waned and no other efforts were made by the interested party.
In March 2023, the Council received the previously referenced sealed bid.

“…I’m just trying to go back and see if we were advertising this property for sale at that time,” said Councilman Rory Jones. “If we didn’t advertise it, how could we put it out there, because we haven’t said that this property is for sale.”


“(Do) we have some interest in this property again?” asked Councilwoman Cynthia Northcutt.

“We had a sealed bid, last meeting, for the property but how can we have a sealed bid come in when we didn’t advertise for the property?” asked Jones. “I just can’t recall at this time (in 2017) if we were going through a real estate company. If we were not advertising selling the property, then we can’t sell nothing that we aren’t advertising.”

According to Mayor Tommy Hart, the property is currently being used for a fire department training area.

A motion was made by councilman Ricky Anderson that the property would be considered not for sale. His motion was not seconded and it died in session.

The board decided to keep the issue tabled until the June 5 meeting.

All members were present with the exception of Councilman Daniel Kelly.

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