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Office Administration Program Launches Two RichmondCC Graduates into Promising Careers

Richmond Community College

HAMLET – Many jobs require a skilled office worker who is organized, good with math and analyzing data, and computer savvy. These are just a few of the skills that Morgan McBride of Hamlet and Katelynn Arner of Rockingham developed through Richmond Community College’s Office Administration program.

McBride, who is the data manager for LJ Bell Elementary School in Rockingham, graduated from RichmondCC a year ago.

“RichmondCC gave me the chance of getting my degree, which opened the door for me in many ways in getting the job that I have now,” McBride said. “Having that degree behind my name helped me stand out a little more from others who may have interviewed for the same job and did not have a degree.”

McBride said she feels very fortunate to have a job she really enjoys, and she uses the skills she learned at RichmondCC every day.

“I took a lot of computer classes such as Word and Excel that helped prepare me for my job. I use these programs every day in my workplace,” she said. “Also, I took a professional development class which taught me how to properly dress and speak in an interview. These skills helped me when I had my job interview at LJ Bell.”

As for Arner, RichmondCC not only gave her a college degree, it also gave her a job. She is the administrative assistant to the director of Distance Learning at the College, and many courses that she took prepared her for this career move, such as keyboarding and Microsoft Office Suite.

A 2015 graduate, Arner is now working on her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina-Pembroke. Many of the courses that Arner took at RichmondCC transferred into the program, which saves her time and money in completing the baccalaureate program. 

Both McBride and Arner chose to attend RichmondCC because it was close to home and they’d always heard good things about the College.

“My experience at RichmondCC could not have been better,” Arner said. “One instructor, Kim Parsons, had a huge impact on my education. She was an excellent instructor and was always there for guidance and encouragement. I am extremely lucky to have had her as an instructor. She truly cares for her students and always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face.”


McBride also spoke highly of her instructors, including Information Technology Instructor Donna Tedder. She was also thankful for the tutoring services the College offers, and it helped her successfully pass one challenging math class.

Both McBride and Arner were able to offset their college costs with financial aid. McBride also was a work-study student for the registrar’s office, which gave her experience working in an educational setting.

Like many students, Arner faced challenges while in college such as work and family responsibilities. 

“Time always seemed like my biggest obstacle. Having a full-time job and responsibilities while in college made time seem shorter. Getting assignments done on time without procrastination was always a challenge,” Arner said, which is why she appreciated the individualized attention she received from her instructors. 

Having faculty and staff who care about the success of the students was a big plus for Arner and McBride and is just one of the many reasons they would recommend RichmondCC to someone considering college.

“If you would prefer to be near home and go to college, if you have responsibilities or a job that makes going to college seem impossible, or if you are unsure what you want to do in life, I highly recommend RichmondCC be your first option,” Arner said. “I was all those things and RichmondCC changed my life.”

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RichmondCC is now registering new students for fall semester. To register for fall classes, visit the main campus in Hamlet or the Honeycutt Center in Laurinburg. Admissions information is also available online at www.richmondcc.edu/admissions, or call (910) 410-1730. 

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