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Paint N Somethin’: Allowing Locals to Find Their Inner Artist

Photo of Thursday's class at Hudson Brother's Deli in Rockingham.
Photo courtesy of C.K. Craven.

ROCKINGHAM – Many people have artistic skills and talents, but don’t have a way to express themselves. But thanks to local painter Daniel Webb, people in Richmond County are able to channel their inner Van Gogh.

Webb, who is a teacher for Richmond County Schools, provides the community with his Paint N Somethin’ classes, which allows participants to readily emulate the great masters of the canvas. With a little help and guidance from Webb, his couple of hours of instruction give every participant his or her own own masterpiece to hang display.

Paint N Somethin’ began in April, 2015, as a means by which everyday people of Richmond County can efficiently envision, develop, complete, and then take home their very own 20” x 16” rendition of artistic reality. 

Webb’s classes run for $30 a painter, and allows students to create their very own personalized portrait, abstract, and/or Andy Warhol replication to henceforth show off.

Webb devotes a tremendous amount of time and effort to his passion, but you would never know it from talking with him.

“I built the easels myself because the usual kind just don’t support the canvas the way I wanted,’ Webb says. “Between the paints, the canvas, set up and take down, yeah, it takes a lot of time and money, but I enjoy seeing people paint something that they had no idea they could do.”


With minimal training in the technical sense of artwork, Webb has developed a knack for teaching this type of skill, adding, “I could always draw pretty well, and one thing just led to another.”

Webb’s “day job” is teaching social studies at the Ninth Grade Academy, and he has received a great deal of support from his colleagues and students.

“I really enjoy the private parties, especially the kids,” Webb says. “Everyone gets to socialize with their friends doing something that’s a little different and then making something that they can be proud of for the rest of their life.”

Comments from his students would seem to fully support Daniel’s perception.

“The class is well worth it,” says Brenda Sallie, returning Thursday night to Hudson Brothers (one of the usual sites for the classes) for her fourth class in as many months. “Daniel’s art selection content is just so much better than other similar classes that I have attended. I even have a room at home dedicated to my Paint N Somethin’ projects!” 

Paint N Somethin’ offers a variety of artistic services (custom art, DIY painting lessons, group art sessions, private party activities, something different for office gatherings, etc.). To set up a class, visit their website at www.paintnsomethin.com, or call Webb at 910-331-5585 for more information on upcoming classes.