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Pepsi and Walmart Come Together to Show Appreciation

Shawn Patterson

ROCKINGHAM— Pepsi teamed up with Walmart yesterday afternoon for a cookout that included free food and entertainment.

Walmart has been a big retailer in Richmond County for many years. However, their old location is now being used for new business. And with new businesses coming into Rockingham, Walmart saw an opportunity to let their customers know that they are still here to give back and show their support for the community.

“As one of the major vendors for Walmart, Pepsi came out and helped hold a customer appreciation day to show shoppers how much they care about their business and helping make Walmart America’s favorite retailer,” said Nate Barnes, Pepsi Tour Manager.


The event had various games, free hot dogs and chips, as well as cold Pepsi products to help you beat the heat. “I thought it was a nice, the games were a nice little treat for the kids,” said a Walmart shopper.

Despite the heat, the cookout was a great success. Be sure to show your support for Pepsi and Walmart located on U.S. Highway 74 in Rockingham.

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