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PokemonGo Gets Richmond Countians Out for an Afternoon of Epic Battling

Several PokemonGo users met Saturday for an epic battle.
Photo courtesy of Michael Whitley.

RICHMOND COUNTY – In what has been a universal sensation the calendar year, PokemonGo got local participants up and searching Saturday.

PokemonGo, an app created by Niantic and released during the summer of 2016, has been a hit worldwide. This app allows people to become “Pokemon Trainers” like the beloved character Ash Ketchum from the series.

Saturday was a historical day for many adults and children in Richmond County, as the legendary Mewtwo character was spotted.


When released, the goal of the app was to get people outside and active, and the goal has definitely been achieved.

App users must walk to find, catch, and hatch Pokemon to become Master trainers. Not only are people becoming more active because of the app that brings back a reminder of childhood and yesteryear, but they are also coming together to battle and catch Pokemon.

On Saturday, over 50 app users collaborated as PokemonGo released invitations to users in Richmond County to join battles at either the Farmer’s Alliance or Smithfield Barbeque. These battles were historic, and the unity of app participants was a things beauty.

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