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Public comment opportunity upcoming for Division 8 STIP projects

CARTHAGE — Local residents can soon weigh in on what transportation projects they want to see included in the N.C. Department of Transportation’s 10-Year transportation plan for 2023-2032. 

With a goal of increasing safety, reducing congestion and promoting economic growth, NCDOT uses data and local input to determine which projects get funded in the 10-year plan based on a specific formula created by the Strategic Transportation Investments law. It allows NCDOT to use its funding more efficiently to enhance North Carolina’s infrastructure, supporting job creation and a higher quality of life.

A statewide, 30-day public comment period to submit project ideas will be held between Monday, Jan. 27 and Friday, Feb. 28. During this period, the public can send project suggestions in a short, interactive survey found on the 2023-2032 State Transportation Improvement Program website.

There will also be a three-day open house held at NCDOT Division 8 headquarters at 121 DOT Drive in Carthage for in-person input about potential projects in Chatham, Hoke, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Randolph, Richmond and Scotland counties. 


Interested residents can attend the open house during regular business hours on Feb. 3-5 to submit project ideas and talk with NCDOT staff. Residents who can’t make the open house can still be part of the process by contacting Bryan Kluchar, PE, of the Division 8 office at bdkluchar@ncdot.gov; NCDOT Division 8, 121 DOT Drive, Carthage, NC 28327; or 910-773-8021 during the 30-day comment period.

Projects can be as large-scale as an interstate improvement or as small as a new turn lane or intersection improvement. Projects can be for any mode of transportation, including highway, aviation, bicycle and pedestrian, ferry, public transportation and rail. Please note that the comment period is not for maintenance-related projects such as patching potholes, resurfacing or ditches. NCDOT uses a different method to prioritize maintenance projects.

NCDOT Division 8 will also collect input from local transportation planning organizations and from its own staff as it puts together its list of potential projects. Project scores and a draft statewide mobility project list are expected to be released by March 2021. There will be another public comment period regarding regional impact projects in spring 2021, with the same process taking place for division level projects in fall 2021.

The 2023-2032 draft STIP will be released in February 2022, with approval by the Board of Transportation in the summer. Projects scheduled in the first six years are considered committed, while projects in the final four years of the draft 10-year plan will be re-evaluated as part of the next STIP development process. More information on the STIP development process can be found on the NCDOT STIP website.