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RCC Honors Donors, Students at Annual Scholarship Banquet

RCC Ambassadors.
Photo courtesy of Alexandra Garnder.

HAMLET – Richmond Community College, which has been a longstanding staple in the community, gave back to the people and organizations who help give students the financial opportunity to attend classes.

RCC, which serves Richmond, Scotland, and other surrounding counties, hosted its annual scholarship night in honor of donors, as well as high achieving students.

Thursday night, RCC students, donors, and guests were all welcome to, according to Joyce McDow who served as a former president of the RCC Foundation, “the best community college in the state of North Carolina and the southeast region.”

Dr. Dale McInnis, president of RCC, led the program with introductory remarks. As he thanked all who were present, he explained the “power” sitting throughout the room. According McInnis, the ceremony held on Thursday was the largest he has attended in 15 years.

“This is a tribute to the hard work of Dr. Hal Shuler, Sara Allen, and everybody that’s worked to make these scholarships happen,” McInnis said. “It’s a tribute to those of you who took the time out of your schedule this evening to come here and share with us, whether you’re a student, family member, or whether you’re a donor.”

McInnis went on to recognize every person in the room including students, family, friends, donors, and RCC staff. He wanted to be sure that, piggybacking off of what McDow said in her welcoming statement about RCC being the best community college in the state, people understood it is because, “we have the best students in the state.”

Shuler, who McInnis called “transformative,” followed giving the banquet order and special recognition to the RCC Board of Trustees, RCC Foundation Board of Directors, Directors Circle Members, Financial Aid Committee Members, and RCC Vice Presidents.

Talking in detail, Shuler explained the scholarship programs and was ecstatic about the growth of the amount of scholarships given this year.

“There have been ten new scholarships that were formed over the last year that we’re very, very proud of,” Shuler commented. “And there are two to add to that for next year that total around $95,000.”

The ten new scholarships added over the past year are as follows:

· Chris Clark Memorial Scholarship

· D.R. (Ted) Smith Memorial Scholarship

· Dr. R. Kenneth Melvin Memorial Scholarship

· Gay Garris Rhyne Memorial Scholarship

· Jo Ann McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship

· Joseph Kester Excellence in Adult Education Scholarship

· Josh Lamb Memorial Scholarship

· Phil Dawkins Memorial Scholarship

· Seaboard Festival 5k Scholarship

· W.J. and Claudia Cooke Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Shuler went on to thank not just the new donors, but all donors.

“It is people like you,” Shuler said, “that make a difference. We say giving is not just giving a donation. Giving is also making a difference, and you are. You are making a difference in the lives of so many students.”


He went on to read quotes from letters of students who have received life-changing scholarships from donors that have allowed them to continue their education.

McDow, McInnis, and Shuler went on to recognize each donor and recipient by calling them by name to come up, receive a certificate and take a picture to honor their time.

The ceremony wrapped up with the last scholarship recipient being recognized and Shuler thanking the crowd for their attendance.

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