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RCS Students “Adopt” Houston High School Classroom and Raise Money Amid Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

L.J. Bell students hold a sign showing how much money the school raised to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.
Photo courtesy of Richmond County Schools.

HAMLET – Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on August 25, 2017 as a Category 4 hurricane, threatening the lives of millions. Harvey poured more than 27 trillion gallons of rain all over Texas, damaging homes, various businesses and even classrooms.

And Richmond County Schools had several schools across the district spring into action to help aid the Houston metropolitan area.

Students at RCS’ Ninth Grade Academy adopted a Spanish III and IV classroom in Houston, Texas, after a teacher reached out with a list of supplies needed. L.J. Bell Elementary School also assisted by starting a penny donation drive. Together, they were able to send over $500, a Walmart gift card, and $300 in school supplies.

Spanish teacher, Javiel Gonzales of C.E. King High School in the Sheldon Independent School District of Houston, Texas, wrote a thank you letter to Richmond County Ninth Grade Academy Principal, Toni Warrick after receiving the package at his home.

“I would like to sincerely thank you and your campus for helping my students and I in such a terrible situation,” Gonzales wrote. “We were one of the last schools in the Houston area to start again after Harvey.”


Gonzales said that because of the amount of water damage in the buildings, students are currently housed in an elementary school until campus restoration is complete.

“We are expected to return to the high school in January,” Gonzales noted. “I am one of the many teachers who is ‘floating’ between five different classrooms since there are not enough rooms for all of us here at the elementary (school). But we are making it work, and our students are glad to be back at school.”

“Education includes more than just core subjects, it also includes character education,” said RCS Superintendent Dr. Cindy Goodman. “This is something to be valued, and it is important for our students to have as they continue in the world today.” 

Gonzales also mentioned that students are currently working on additional letters, cards, and projects to thank each of those involved in this kind gesture.

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