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Returning the Favor: VFW Post 4203 and LuLa Roe Consultants Lead Relief Efforts to Aid Harvey Victims

Photo courtesy of VFW.org

RICHMOND COUNTY – It wasn’t too long ago that the Sandhills region of North Carolina was in need of help from neighboring states when Hurricane Matthew ravaged the eastern seaboard in October, 2016. The storm left a path of devastation and destruction in its wake, leaving millions of people across the state in need of disaster relief. And now the time for Richmond County and the state of North Carolina to step up to the plate has come.

After Matthew, local residents persevered and overcame the adversity. Donations from all over the country immediately began pouring in.  Some sent money, some sent supplies, and others sent man-power to help locals recover. 

One state in particular that came to our rescue in its typical big fashion was Texas.

Now in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, it is Richmond County’s turn to return the favor and help the residents of the Houston metropolitan area through their devastation.  And in true southern hospitality fashion, the citizens of Richmond County are doing just that.

Among the first relief efforts to be started to aid Texans was the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary Post 4203.  This Rockingham based VFW began by purchasing mass quantities of bottled water that will be driven down to Texas to provide immediate relief to victims and aid workers. 

Additionally, in conjunction with donations from local citizens, VFW Post 4203 will be making a monetary donation directly to the VFW Post of Rockport, Texas.  Rockport’s VFW, which was a major contributor to Matthew’s relief effort, was entirely destroyed by the winds and rain from Hurricane Harvey. 

According to VFW Auxiliary Post President Robin Roberts, “other VFW Posts at the regional and state level will also be making donations for the rebuilding of Rockport’s VFW Post.”

However, for Roberts, a donation from our area means a great deal more to her because of how generous the people of Texas were to us in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.


A second relief effort came from a group of local LuLa Roe consultants, who found a way to turn their passion for fashion into a relief effort.  LuLa Roe Consultants Ashley G. Hill, Misty Crouch, Crystal Johnson, Savanna Purvis, and Christina Ricks combined efforts to host a special sale for Hurricane Harvey victims. During this sale, the consultants agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds to the relief effort, using the money raised to purchase items that will be sent to Texas. 

For consultant Ashley G. Hill, contributing to the relief effort was a no-brainer.  According to Hill, her and her fellow LuLa Roe Consultants have been, “greatly blessed by the company and feel that God puts it in [their] hearts to bless others.

“When God blesses us financially, we need to raise our standards of giving, not living,” Hill added.  The passion of this group of women’s relief effort is certainly a testament to that.

Additional relief efforts are being started every day by churches, clubs, and organizations across the local area.  Donation bins are being filled, manpower is being sent, and monetary donations are being pledged.  And although there is nothing that can be done to erase the devastation and heartache caused by Hurricane Harvey, it is certainly powerful to see how the people of the Richmond County area are banding together to provide what relief they can. 

For more information on how you can make a donation to our area’s Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, contact Robin Roberts at VFW Post 4302 at (910) 997-2585.

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