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Richmond Adult Soccer League Preparing for Fall Season

HAMLET – For local adults looking to stay active this fall, the Richmond Adult Soccer League is back for its fourth season, and is gaining notoriety around the county.


Competition will be eight versus eight and will have two types of leagues available:  a male-only challenge league (which is new this season), and co-ed recreation league which requires at least two females be playing at all times.

The male challenge league was something Singletary saw as a necessity as the league grew. This new addition will cost $400 per team unlike the co-ed league which will stand at $350 per team.

Chris Singletary, who founded the league to give adults a fun, recreational league to compete in, could not be more excited for the upcoming season.

“I have coached all three of my kids, and one day, as I looked out at the parents on the sidelines, it was as if a lightbulb clicked on,” Singletary said. “We need to get them up and active too.”

He went on to say that this league is a good way to get use of the fields that are not seeing as much action as they once did.

“It is a great way for kids to see their parents and the older generations be active,” Singletary added. “It gets the kids excited to play, as well.”

RASL has averaged 10 teams every season thus far, but has no limits as to how many people and teams can join. RASL is one of the largest adult leagues in the region since there are no restrictions on who can play; participants do not have to be from Richmond County.


RASL is unlike any other adult league in the county because the money that is raised goes toward helping two Richmond Senior High School soccer players go to college. A scholarship is donated at the end of every season to a Richmond soccer player who has been playing at the school for at least three years.

Last year, these scholarships were awarded to Cassie McFayden and Alex Alvarado, both of whom were team captains. As the new season begins, Singletary is hoping to award even more money depending on the success of both the kickball and soccer leagues.

There is one more exciting and fun new addition to the league. Toward the end of the season, there will be a playoff tournament consisting of the top eight teams in the league. These teams will go on to compete in a weekend tournament against the Moore County Adult Soccer League.

“We are growing and expanding, and new competition should be fun,” said Singletary. “I am excited to see how this goes.”

To register for the Richmond Adult Soccer League, please contact Chris Singletary by email at chris.singletary@pbvllc.com, or by phone at either (910) 334-2014 or (910) 995-5813. When registering, please specify whether you or your team will be registering for the challenge or rec style competition. Registration will end October 14, 2017, and play is set to begin on October 21.



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