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Richmond Community Theatre Casting Calls for “Second Samuel” Production

Richmond Community Theatre is searching for 11 actors/actresses to portray characters in "Second Samuel".
Photo courtesy of Deon Cranford.

ROCKINGHAM – Auditions for Richmond Community Theatre’s production of “Second Samuel” will be held on Thursday, November 30, and Friday, December 1, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the theatre located at 109 East Washington Street.

Anyone may audition, as auditioning for the play does not require any major preparations or a background in acting. 

 “No experience necessary,” said theatre director Shelly Walker.  “People auditioning only need to attend one of the nights of auditions.  It’s best to come for the entire audition if possible, but not necessary.

“We will do cold readings from the script,” Walker explained. “To prepare, either practice reading from any script aloud or you can try to find excerpts from the ‘Second Samuel’ script online. Mostly just come ready to have fun and create some interesting, bold characters on stage.”

The comedic play is a thought-provoking story that challenges society’s general lack of tolerance for those who are different.   The story takes place in Second Samuel, a small town in southern Georgia in the late 1940s.  However, despite the post-depression setting, many of the characters’ traits, prejudices, and sudden shifts in public acceptance can easily be translated to many of the social challenges that the country is currently facing.

B Flat, a mentally challenged young man with a heart of gold, narrates the events that took place in his small town.  An unexpected secret is revealed about one of the townspeople, Miss Gertrude, after she passes away from a heart condition.  In the hilarious aftermath of this revelation, each of the memorable characters must look within themselves to overcome their own discomfort, confusion, and intolerance in order to reach some level of acceptance. 

The cast is comprised of seven men and four women.

B Flat is the heart and soul of the town.  He is a special young man who is described as a little slow.  He is guided by common sense and is not swayed by public opinion.

Frisky is the unofficial leader of the town.  He is the owner of the “Bait and Brew”, the gathering spot for all of the local men in Second Samuel.   His wife Omaha is also a business owner.  She is the cute, stylish, and bossy owner of the “Change your Life Hair and Beauty Emporium,” where all of the ladies in town gather to gossip.  U.S. (pronounced as two individual letters) is a black man and Frisky’s best friend.

Doc is the local physician.  Through medical examinations, he has discovered many things that the other characters keep hidden about themselves.  However, he keeps those secrets.


Mansel is a harmless redneck.  He is married to Marcela, a good-natured lady.

Ruby works in Omaha’s hair salon.  Jimmy Deeanne is one of the hair salon’s regular customers.  She is very pretty, but thoughtless and selfish.

Mr. Mozel is the town bigot.  He “don’t like nobody” and feels the need to be right all of the time.  June is an undertaker.  He works with the dead, but it is the living that makes him nervous.

The quality and success of a production hinges heavily on the number of available actors.  A large turnout at the auditions is important. 

“If you know of anyone who you think would be good on stage, encourage them (to audition),” said Richmond Community Theatre board member Lynn Hicks Blake.  “The play is delightful.  This community will love it.” 

Performances of “Second Samuel” will be held on February 8 through the 10, and again from the 15 to the 17.  All performances will take place at 8 p.m., with one 2 p.m. matinee performance on February 10.

For more information, call 910-997-3765 or visit richmondcommunitytheatre.org.

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