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Richmond Community Theatre presents final show of “The Cemetery Club” for free

The final show of "The Cemetery Club" will be free to the public.
Matt Harrelson - Richmond Observer

ROCKINGHAM — As the Richmond Community Theatre wraps up its 42nd season with “The Cemetery Club,” director Merrie Dawkins announced Friday on the theatre’s Facebook page that the final show on Saturday will be free for the public to attend.

“We, cast, crew and board of directors thought it would be a good way to end our season,” said Dawkins. “We are grateful for all the love and support our community has given us. We have had a successful year, thanks to them.”

“The Cemetery Club” is about three Jewish widows who live in Queens, New York, and meet once a month for tea before they head off to their late husbands’ grave sites. Dawkins added that people grieve in different ways, and that aspect is thrown into a bit of chaos when Sam the butcher comes into the picture. Sam has an interest in one of the ladies while the other two aren’t quite sure how to feel about that and proceed to interfere.

According to Dawkins, it all works out in the end.

Ida is played by Beth Taylor, a newcomer not only to the Richmond Community Theatre, but to theater in general. Doris is represented by Anjali Patel, who has a little more experience on stage with this being her second play at this theater, and Stephanie Van Hassel plays Lucille. Although this is Van Hassel’s first time on the stage in Rockingham, she’s been involved in theater for 22 years.

All three have transformed themselves into the people they’re portraying, especially when it comes to their new Queens accents.


Following “Sanders Family Christmas” and the female version of “The Odd Couple,” Dawkins said this play, “is funny, touching and shows off an incredibly talented cast and crew.”

“We also hope new folks and those that have been away for awhile will check us out,” she added.

The director also went on to say that although there haven’t been any full houses, attendance has been good, but she hopes that tomorrow night’s finale will be packed.

The proverbial curtain will rise at 8 p.m. at the Richmond Community Theatre in downtown Rockingham off of Harrington Square.

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