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Richmond County commissioners take oaths

Commissioner Ben Moss takes the oath of office from Dena Cook, board clerk, while his son Sam holds the Bible and other family members stand behind in support.
Photos by William R. Toler - Richmond Observer

ROCKINGHAM ― Richmond County’s four recently elected — and re-elected― commissioners were sworn in Monday afternoon ahead of the board’s Tuesday night meeting.

Tavares Bostic, who had the second-highest number of votes in last month’s election. was the first to take the oath, which was administered by state Rep. Garland Pierce, D-Scotland. Prior to the districts being redrawn, Pierce represented part of Richmond County.

Bostic was joined by his parents. His father, John Gould, pastor at Marston First Missionary Baptist Church, held the Bible, while his mother, Andrea Gould, stood nearby.

Don Bryant was sworn in by Clerk of Superior Court Vickie Daniel, who said it was an honor to administer the oath to a former teacher. Bryant’s wife, Sandra, joined him in front of the flags.

Rick Watkins, another newcomer to the Richmond County Board of Commissioners, and Ben Moss were both sworn in by Dena Cook, the board’s clerk.


Watkins’ wife, Cindy Haltiwanger Watkins, held the Bible and his parents, Jerry and Barbara Watkins, joined him for photos afterward.

Moss’ son Sam held the Bible while he took his oath, while his wife Amber, daughter Maggie, sister Beverly and mother Verlen stood behind.

Ben Moss, the board’s only Republican, garnered the most votes in the election.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the board will elect a chairman and vice chairman, appoint a new county attorney and vote whether or not to approve or accept:

  • a construction and lease agreement for the Richmond Community College downtown campus;
  • a request from the N.C. Department of Transportation for a resolution for an addition of Emma’s Court;
  • an extension for the tax listing period;
  • a Tobacco Trust Fund Commission grant;
  • appointments to the Health and Human Services Board; and
  • a budget amendment for the Health Department’s escrow fund balance.

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