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Richmond County Historical Society to Host “Tales of Moonshining” Event

ROCKINGHAM – Storytellers and historians, J.A. Bolton and Edward Snyder, will oversee the Richmond County Historical Society’s program for the month of August. Bolton and Snyder will be discussing the moonshining business, and the people who ran those operations in Richmond County from the 1700s until the 1960s.

With the event set for Monday, August 21, at 7 p.m., the RCHS welcomes the public to Rockingham City Hall to learn about the County’s intriguing past regarding moonshine and its makers.

Snyder will be talking about how moonshine stills were operated, while Bolton hopes to have displays of actual personal belongings of Ebin and Pearl Cagle, the most legendary and well-known moonshiners of this area. 

Pictures will be shown of past liquor stills that were raided and became the property of the High Sheriff of the county at that time.

Stories of life on both sides of the law will be discussed at the pleasure of Bolton and Snyder. At one time in recent history, the whiskey-making and selling buisness was a legitimate family owned venture done by many. Even when folks passed on, their copper still and recipes were handed down from one family generation to next.


 Also to be highlighted by the presenters will be how taxes on all spirits made in America brought on the “Whiskey Rebellion”, and how it tragically ended. Bolton and Snyder will also incorporate stories of how laws meant to deter the sale of alcohol in our country actually helped and promoted the sale of distilled whiskey.

During the program, the history and legends of the Cagle family of the Pee Dee River Hills will be entertained, as the RCHS hopes that living members of the Cagle family may be present to answer questions and tell some of their family tales.

The evening promises to be an informative night of history and folklore, and guests are encouraged to bring their own questions and stories of the Cagle family and the moonshining trade.

J.A. Bolton is a member of the North Carolina Storytelling Guild, Anson County Writer’s Club, Anson and Richmond County Historical Societies and author of his new book “Just Passing Time.”


For more information regarding this event, please contact the RCHS at (910) 895-1763. 

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