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Richmond County Special Olympics Prepping for November Bocce; Need Volunteers and Sponsors

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EAST ROCKINGHAM – With November right around the corner, Richmond County Special Olympics (RCSO) is getting ready for its annual Bocce Fall Tournament.

The tournament will be held at East Rockingham Park on Wednesday, November 1, beginning at 10 a.m.

The athletes have been practicing for the games, and are excited about participating. They all look forward to these events each year, and each athlete will receive a medal for the position in which they finish.

The fall Bocce game is the first event that will be held since the closing of Cordova School, which serviced students with special needs. It will now be a little more challenging getting the athletes to the games since they are located at different schools.

RCSO is working closely with Richmond county schools in hopes to continue to offer all eligible athletes the opportunity to continue to participate in all RCSO events. There is also a division for adults with disabilities to participate in the games.


RCSO has been a staple in Richmond county for years and is solely funded by donations. There are three major RCSO events in Richmond County each year: March Bowling, May Athletics, and November Bocce. These events give students and adults with disabilities the opportunity to exercise their athletic abilities, as well as thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Eligibility requirements are eight years of age and up with an intellectual disability. The community is encouraged to volunteer at the games, as well as support the athletes by attending.

The athletes are never charged to participate in the games, so sponsors are needed. The cost to sponsor an athlete is approximately $50 to $75 per season. Coaches are also needed.

If you are interested in coaching, sponsoring, volunteering, or need more information, please contact Theressa Smith at (910) 997-8379; visit RCSO’s Facebook page; or the RCSO website at http://sonc.net/local-programs/richmond-county.

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