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Richmond Senior High School Student Athletes Build Character Through In-School Program

ROCKINGHAM – Student athletes are normally praised for their academic work in the classroom and their skills on their field of play. But several of Richmond Senior High School’s student athletes have also been doing tremendous works of character.

Jacque Gregory, assistant principal at RSHS, highlighted some of the great things happening in the strength and conditioning classes.

“The student athletes work with selected members of our new Raider group every Thursday in the gym.,” Gregory said. “Our students with disabilities participate with the athletes as they go through a series of strength training and aerobic conditioning exercises.

“The vibe in the gym is positively electric,” Gregory continued. “The coaching staff and the athletes continuously cheer on each and every student as they attempt each exercise.  It is a great leadership experience for our student athletes and our new Raiders have a blast.”

It is not only the staff and faculty that see such an electric vibe in the gym. The student athletes also see and feel all of the growth and excitement.

Senior volleyball player, Altman Griffin, shared her experiences.

“It’s great being able to work with (fellow students) and just learn how to adapt to their personal needs,” Griffin said. “I’ve gotten close to some of the kids and I love teaching them new things.”


Griffin continued by talking about working with a particular student who she has become very close with.

“There is one girl in particular who is super fun to be around, and is so fun to teach,” Griffin continued. “She’s so willing to do anything you ask and she’s just and amazing girl. It’s amazing seeing how happy (all the students) are, and it really inspires me to always be optimistic.”

RSHS has been doing great things in the classrooms, and outside, but having this type of program is one of the most beneficial to all involved.

The coaches and administration are doing what is best for all students who are a part of the program by allowing veteran students to help the new Raiders get acclimated to the school and continue to learn in the least restrictive environment.

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