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Richmond Young Professionals: Local Social Group Geared Toward Giving Back to Community

Photo courtesy of RYP Facebook Page.

RICHMOND COUNTY – A new buzz can be found circulating around Richmond County that sees young, energetic adults taking charge. And now more than ever, the year and a half old organization is seeking new members to help the community thrive.

Richmond Young Professionals, more commonly known as “RYP”, is a local group where forward-thinking young adults focus on the betterment and enrichment of Richmond County. The organization’s motto is “Work, Play, Give,” which is an accurate representation of what its members do through their community service and involvement.

RYP is continuously “working” with local businesses and community leaders to improve Richmond County’s image and development. The organization also hosts several yearly events that fulfills the “play” aspect of its motto. Past events have included a Mardi Gras masquerade and trivia nights supported and by local businesses such as Arts Richmond and the Hamlet Depot.

Most importantly, RYP aims at “giving” back to the community. The most essential part of RYP’s makeup, events such as Habitat for Humanity builds and Bowling for Autism highlight just some of the many things the group does to assist others in Richmond County.

“We try to provide opportunities for young people in the area to get involved,” member and Richmond Observer contributor Becky Pierce said. “Our goal is to meet new people and get them to know what good things are happening here.


 “Allowing our members to give back to where they live and getting our local young professionals to adopt Richmond County as their new home are also major priorities,” Pierce continued.

Richmond Young Professionals is mostly comprised of local educators, also has an array of other young professionals. Always looking to incorporate new members and ideas, RYP is an easy, fun way for people to become acquainted with the area.

 “We have architects, people who work for the Richmond County Chamber of Commerce, as well as a variety of people who work in different professions across the county,” Pierce added.

The social organization’s primary age range is from 18 to 35, however adults of all ages are encouraged to join and participate in RYP events. Those interested in joining can contact Pierce or David Stogner through its Facebook page “Richmond Young Professionals.”

RYP’s next main event will be its “Chamber Chase,” a county-wide scavenger hunt on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017. Stay tuned the Richmond Observer for a follow up story on the upcoming event. 

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