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Roberdell United Methodist Church Dedicates Lift

Roberdell United Methodist
Rita Thames

ROCKINGHAM — Roberdell United Methodist Church held a special ceremony this past Sunday, July 30 to dedicate a much-anticipated lift.

Pastor Robert “Bob” Carpenter said “he remembers a time when there were no stairs inside the building” and “people had to go out into the weather to enter another floor.”

Interior stairs certainly made a difference. Church member Linda Hawkins pointed out that “as the congregation aged, it was apparent to all that easier access was needed between the floors.”


The finance committee began working diligently on this project until the church could financially afford the expense of having a lift installed in the church. After several adjustments to the lift, it was finally ready for use. On Sunday, the church Trustees directed the dedication ceremony for the lift, which will hold a wheelchair plus one or two people. Hawkins stated that “a combination of events came together that allowed the church to purchase the lift debt-free.”

Hawkins and Carpenter are both quick to give God the glory, with Hawkins saying “It was His plan, and we are grateful to Him. We are thankful for leaders who dream big and trust the Lord to see them through.” 

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