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Rockingham Police Officers, Jeff Dieffenbach Team Up to Spread Christmas Joy to Local Man

Jeff Dieffenbach, right, gives a new bike to a local man who had his stolen.
Contributed photo.

ROCKINGHAM – The magic of Christmas; a blissful, heart-warming magic for all who have experienced it. And helping warm up the holiday spirit in Richmond county are a couple of everyday heroes.

More specifically, two Rockingham Police Department officers and Jeff Dieffenbach.

Recently, RPD received a phone call about a young man whose bike was stolen while he was at work at Bojangles in late November. Regardless of all efforts, the bike was not to be found.

The young man was devastated because the bike was more than a bike to him. According to officers, this young man knew every little detail of his prized possession. But it was still more than a bike. For four years, this young man has biked over an hour to go into work at the Bojangles in Rockingham. He saved up for six months to purchase this bike, then out of the blue it was stolen.

The officers, who have asked to remain anonymous for their efforts, decided they would get some money together to purchase a brand-new bike for the young man. Donations were gathered, and they set off to find the perfect bike.

While the officers were admiring the bike rack trying to decide which one would be the best, Jeff Dieffenbach, who is the general manager at Dieffenbach GM Superstore, came up to check out the assortment bikes as well.


When making conversation, Dieffenbach stated he purchases 50 bikes each year as an incentive which the purchase of a car. Most of the time, people donate the bike right back to Dieffenbach, which he then donates to those in need.

The officers then divulged why they were looking at bikes, and without a moment’s hesitation, Dieffenbach offered to purchase a bike for the young man at Bojangles.

The RPD officers were thrilled; not just for the young man, but with the money raised, they could now use it to help families in need during the Christmas season. Kindness is the gift that keeps on giving.

On Monday, Dieffenbach gave the new bike to the young man, and at that moment, the magic of Christmas grew a little stronger. The smile on this young man’s face was indescribable, and his joy and excitement was all due to the kindness of three local citizens.


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