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School Board approves raise for Richmond County bus drivers

Richmond County Schools

HAMLET — Richmond County school bus drivers will be getting a bump in their paychecks next year.

The Richmond County Board of Education on Tuesday unanimously approved a $0.50 per hour raise for local bus drivers following a proposal from Fiance Director Tina Edmonds.

According to Edmonds, bus drivers are paid from the state transportation allotment.

After reviewing the regular hours and overtime hours logged by drivers in the 2018-2019 school year and factoring in the raise, Edmonds said the state allotment would cover the $41,350.97 cost.

In the aforementioned year, drivers worked 74,124.56 regular hours and 1,799.76 overtime hours.

New drivers would start out at $12.60 per hour, with the pay scale rising to $12.77 for those with 1-11 years behind the wheel, $14.16 for those with 12-22 years, $15.54 for those with 23-25 years, and $16.11 for those with 26 or more years.

Edmonds said drivers also receive a classified supplement — for employees whose positions don’t require certification — each November.


One bus driver, East Rockingham Elementary’s Gregg Riggins, was recognized earlier in the meeting as a winner of the month’s Inspiring Excellence Awards — along with guidance counselor Sarah Radford and teaching assistant Candace Everett, both from the same school.

In approving the personnel report, the board sanctioned the hire of five new part-time bus drivers.

The RO will have more from the school board meeting in later stories.


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